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With Deepest Gratitude

In Loving memory of Momma Lek Chaiya
It can honestly be said that few people have shaped the northern style of Thai Massage as Lek Chaiya, Kru Jack's mother.

And  Remembrance

Tribute to Mr. Eric Faider (Therapist, Teacher, and friend)


Not many people are aware that Kru Jack's first instructor was a canadian therapist Eric Faider.  Eric was one of Momma Lek's senior students and developed a thriving Massage practice in Hong Kong.  Mr. Eric belonged to the international Educational group, Body Harmony. He toured throughout the world teaching the Nerve Touch style. He was a natural healer who went far beyond technique -- an endless giver.

Eric passed away May 23, 2012. He will be missed by many.

It is accurate to say that the work of our center was motivated and is dedicated to her​.  It was always a humorous point about

how long had she practiced massage (50? 60? years!).


She inherited her style from her parents, both Traditional Thai

healers.  Frequently referred to as the "Nerve Touch" style, she

incorporated vigorous tecniques along the tendons and sen-lines.  She was well versed in gentler care for the disabled and has been credited with  extraordinary successes.  We really would need an entire website to justly describe this amazing person who was "Momma" to thousands!


She passed away on April 18, 2013.


Great article written by her student, Janice Vitavec, and published by the Thai Healing Alliance
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