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As a dedicated therapist, Kru Jack has studied both the Thai method and the modern method of reflexology.

He has omitted the often painful use of the stick, and has developed a unique style that is easy to learn,

and very pleasant to recieve.


Jack Chaiya Style Foot Massage Class

2 days (6 hours a day) ....................  4,500 baht


Manual included

FOOT MASSAGE (Jack Chaiya Style)

Anyone who has visited Chiang Mai will no doubt notice the hundreds of foot massage proprietors.  Actually, the Foot Massage you see practiced now is of recent introduction to Thailand -- with great influence from Taiwan.


Often, this massage can be quite painful, especially when a stick is used to provide pressure.


Sometimes the term "Foot Massage" is confused with "Reflexology."  The two are not the same. ​Modern Reflexology has its origins with an American therapist, Eunice Ingham. The Ingham method teaches that the human body, especially organs, have correlated points on the feet.


The Ingham method is also practiced without oil and often employs "Finger-Walking" techniques instead of knuckle slides.

Finger walking technique​

The clip below shows Kru Jack giving excellent instruction on the often neglected footwrap.

Learn it correct from the start!​

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