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The world lost Momma Lek this April (2013)​.

Kru Jack now continues her legacy and has an

extraordinary ability to communicate both verbally,

and with precise demonstrations of technique.


For almost two decades he has been regularly performing

massage therapy and humbly says he is "always learning." 

He learns from his client's who seek relief from pain, from

his senior Thai mentors,and from his students who come

from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures.


He traveled with Momma Lek to the USA and led the Nerve Touch Seminar with the Spirit Wind School in California.  He recently taught in an illustrious Retreat center located in the vast Siberian countryside of Russia. More recently he regulary instructs at the annual "Thai Massage Circus,"  which is a month long 

in-residence seminar in Luang Prabang Laos.  This is organized by the Osteo-Thai Massage group and is a month long intensive workshop featuring Yoga, Osteo-Thai bodywork, Meditation, Chi Nie Tsang, and  Kru Jack's method of Thai Massage.


Kru Jack has strongly influenced the Osteo-Thai method which incorporates Osteopathic principles with Thai Massage.  Likewise, he has incorporated this method into his own repitoire of healing.


"No matter what I know, or what you call me,  I always keep learning, every day, with every person I meet!"


Our Center for Thai Massage Studies is relatively new, but our founder, Kru Jack Chaiya has already influenced thousands of massage therapists.


Kru Jack has inherited the legacy and great reputation of his mother, Momma lek Chaiya,

who came from a family of Thai medicine practicioners. Her style is called "Nerve Touch" Thai Massage, and she was a knowledgable herbalist as well.


Many of Chiang Mai's successful Massage Therapists and School owners

began as student's of Momma Lek.









Classes are offered every day!  Class begins at 9am and ends at 4pm, (Lunch is one hour)



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