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Course One

     Easy to learn & effective moves

In this course you will be taught the foundation of Jack Chaiya's style of Thai Massage.  It's where the ancient techniques are joined with the contemporary.


Building on the style handed down by his mother, Lek Chaiya, this course is suitable for beginners looking for a Thai Massage foundation and also for the advanced who would like to incorporate more efficient body-mechanics along with new tehniques.



Our courses are very flexible -- accoording to the students present level of practice.

It is possible to book one to one or study in a group.

For years, Kru jack has taught group seminars and demonstrated his excellent ability to communicate and provide personalized guidance when needed.


- Learn comfortable body positioning and bodymechanics for applying leverage

- The difference between relaxing techniques and Jep Sen (painful but therapuetic)

- How to develop a basic routine and how to adapt to each client's needs

- How and when to use Thai massage stretching

- How and when to use soft hand techniques, and more powerful elbow and knee moves

- Unique adaptations from Osteopathy and Osteo-Thai style.

- How to prepare and use the Thai Herbal CBall (Compress)

And much more


COURSE FEE:  7,000 Baht.

Manual included.

3 to 5 days in length*


* WE ARE DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE!  Some students learn faster than others (Not- So-Common Sense)!  The course is designed for 18 hours of "intense" instruction and practice.  If you take longer, you are invited to stay an additional two days at no extra charge.




Learn unique techniques
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