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Kru Jack traveling and teaching internationally! 


Many hundreds of students have experienced Kru Jack's masterful

intruction in other countries as well.

He is well known among the "Thai Massage Circus" attendees in

nieghboring Laos.  Additionally he has taught in the USA and more

recently in Russia.

 As the wonderful art of Thai Massage spreads worlwide, so has demand for top quality instruction.              


Kru Jack in the island paradise of Guimaras, Philippines!


Live, Learn and be transformed at

the  Amazing  JBLFMU Ecopark!


      "Your personal Eden!"

   Click here!

Enjoy an 8 day Thai Massage "hands-on" workshop led by Kru Jack Chaiya in beautiful Guimaras Island.  Situated just a 20 minute ferry ride from Iloilo city.  Iloilo is located in central Philippines and will host the international APEC forum - a city in transformation with the worlds most exciting nature habitat: GUIMARAS ISLAND!


We will live at the exotic JBLFMU EcoPark. A nature and maratime resort.  Kru Jack will be assisted by Mr. Mike, an experienced Thai Massage instructor .  Course manuals, massage mats, and other training materials will be ready for your arrival.  Certifcates of training will be awarded for attendees.  Please refer to this website "COURSES" link for full descriptions 

                      Your Classroom!

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